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LSD vial for sale



LSD vial for sale

Lsd Vial for sale at Phoenixpsychedelicshop. The drug LSD begins its life as a crystal and is delivered from there in a consumable form. In the 60s, ‘Microdots’ (tiny tablets) and gelatin pills (window panes). Even though liquid and gel tabs are often found. Many people who often use LSD prefer LSD liquid acid over all other forms. This is because, when treated, it can last for many years, absorbs, and is easy to break. liquid lsd for sale

NB: It is important to avoid drinking tap water. Chlorine and some other chemicals used in the municipal water supply can destroy LSD upon contact. Also, filtered water can contain these chemicals, so stop drinking water for an hour or so before the ride. For more information, contact us. liquid lsd for sale.


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